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Для установки ТВ не требуется сверлить отверстия в стене. Кронштейн можно установить под углом, чтобы изменить положение ТВ и обеспечить легкий доступ к проводам и соединениям.

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Техническая информация: Описание и размеры товара Основные части: Сталь, Сталь, Эпоксидное/полиэстерное порошковое покрытие Чехол: Пластмасса АБС Вращающаяся основа: Алюминий Другие части: Полиамидная пластмасса Экологическая информация
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-Для установки ТВ не требуется сверлить отверстия в стене. -Кронштейн можно установить под углом, чтобы изменить положение ТВ и обеспечить легкий доступ к проводам и соединениям. -Кронштейн для ТВ с интегрированным отсеком для проводов – провода аккуратно собраны и спрятаны. Полезная информация Подходи для большинства плоскопанельных телевизоров 37-55". Подходит к тумбам под ТВ МОСПОРП, МАЛЬШЁ и БЕСТО. Продается отдельно Инструкция по уходу Размеры товара Макс вес: 30 кг Макс. размер экрана: 55 дюйм Мин. размер экрана: 37 дюйм Требуется самостоятельная сборка Дизайнер:

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Часто задаваемые вопросы и контакты UPPLEVA TV & SOUND What's the difference between LED & LCD? LED TVs and LCD TVs light up the screen in different ways. LCD TVs use CCFL (cold-cathode flourescent lamps) as a light source, whereas LED TVs use Light Emitting Diodes. Light Emitting Diodes allow for flatter screens and better picture quality since they take up less space. They also use use up to 40% less energy and contain fewer hazardous materials compared to conventional LCD TVs. All UPPLEVA TVs are LED TVs. What is a Plasma? Plasma is another type of TV technology. It was used for larger screens (50” and above), as it reproduces rapid movements very well, such as in sports scenes. It consumes more energy and is heavier than LED TVs. What is energy class A? Energy class refers to how much electricity a TV uses over a 4 hour per day/365-day period. Energy classes range from A++ (the most energy efficient) to C (the least energy efficient). All UPPLEVA TVs have energy class A. What is a Full HD? Full HD (high-definition) TVs can receive and display 1080 progressive (1080p) signals from HDTV sources such as a set top box, HD or Blu-ray disc player. All UPPLEVA TVs are Full HD. What does Hz motion Index mean? Hz motion Index is a technology that eliminates motion blur, so that fast moving objects remain sharp on screen. UPPLEVA TVs have Hz motion index starting from 50 Hz motion index for the 24", to 100 for 32" and 200 Hz motion index for 40-46". What does CI+ refer to? The UPPLEVA TV includes a CI+ slot, which is a common interface standard to enjoy pay TV channels. It's sometimes called a built-in digital box. This means that you don't always need a separate digital box. Instead, you complete your TV with a conditional access module (CAM) and a subscriber identification card, both available from your local pay TV operator. Note: This feature may vary from country to country, so you may have to use a set-top box/digital box. For more information, please contact IKEA customer service. Do I need a separate digital box? Depending on your country's operator, you may need to use a set-top box instead of the CI+ card. Does my UPPLEVA TV work with my digital box at home? Yes, UPPLEVA should work with all the main digital boxes. For more information, please contact IKEA customer service. Can i use a module card (bought separately) instead of a digital box? Yes, you can. But you might need to reinstall your channels or complete a factory reset. If you need help, please contact IKEA customer service. Can I connect other electronic decixes to my UPPLEVA TV and sound system? Yes, you can easily connect your Blu-ray player, cable box or other electronic devices using an UPPLEVA HDMI cable (sold separately). With the UPPLEVA sound system, you can connect and play music from your Smartphone, MP3 player, iPod or tablet using the 3.5mm mini-jack connection or the RCA-connection. How do I record and pause a programme? The UPPLEVA recording memory for TV (sold separately) allows you to record, rewind and pause your favourite TV programmes during broadcast. Note: This applies to content that is not protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). What receiver does the UPPLEVA have? • 24” TV – DVB-T/C • 32-46” TV – DVB-T/C/S/S2 Does it support DVB-T2? No. Does it support 3D? No. What does the UPPLEVA 2.1 sound system include? The UPPLEVA sound system is equipped with sound 2.1 to create the effect of surround sound. The sound system also includes a wireless subwoofer and a built-in CD/DVD/Blu-ray player. The speakers have 400-watt sound power. The TVs and the sound systems work through the same remote control (included). What is a subwoofer? A subwoofer reinforces certain low frequency sounds to help provide a more powerful movie experience. The UPPLEVA subwoofer (included with the sound system) is wireless, so you can place it anywhere in a room. What is sound 2.1? Sound 2.1 refers to two channel speakers (left and right), including a subwoofer. It creates a surround sound effect with just two speakers and no extra wires. Why use an HDMI-cable? HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a common interface standard used for audiovisual equipment such as HD TV. It transmits uncompressed video data and compressed/uncompressed digital audio data. With just one cable, you can connect your sound system, Blu-ray player, cable box or other devices to your TV. HDMI helps to minimise signal loss, to offer better picture and sound. UPPLEVA SMART TV Do UPPLEVA TVs have internet? Yes, UPPLEVA TVs 32-46” have internet connectivity and are so-called Smart TVs. What is a Smart TV? A Smart TV is one that can connect to the internet to receive interactive services, such as: • Video-on-demand (movie rental) • Catch-up TV (broadcast programmes that you missed) • Web videos (e.g. YouTube) • Music, internet radio • News, weather, traffic, online shopping, etc. • Social media (Facebook, Twitter) • Games. Smart TVs can also receive videos, photos or music from your PC via the home network or directly from a USB stick. So you can stay up to date with news, download movies and share views with your friends, all at the same time. Note: The interactive services included may vary from country to country. All UPPLEVA TVs except the 24" are Smart TVs. Is it difficult to browse the internet with UPPLEVA TV? Most websites are designed for viewing on a PC, so they can be difficult to browse via your UPPLEVA TV. However, website designers are increasingly catering for those who access the internet through their TVs. Do UPPLEVA TVs support Flash? No. For technical reasons, Flash is not supported. How much are UPPLEVA Smart TV apps? Access to apps is free. Most apps are also free but some offer content that you must pay for, such as premium video-on-demand services. How do I use the apps on the UPPLEVA Smart TV? Click Smart TV on your remote control or via the TV menu to reach the Portal view, where you can choose an app. This Portal is global, so apps are available to all UPPLEVA users. How do I upload the apps on the UPPLEVA Smart TV? When you first open the Smart TV, you select your location. The Smart TV Portal then offers a mix of international and local apps that are most relevant in your country. You can sort the apps according to your preferences. Apps are browser-based, so you don't need to upload them to the TV hardware. They are always online and ready to use. What apps are available for UPPLEVA? There are hundreds of international and local apps available via the Portal, e.g. YouTube, E-bay, Facebook, Twitter, video, music, news, sports, weather, games and entertainment. New apps are developed and added all the time. UPPLEVA Smart TV apps are built on what platform? The Portal is managed by Germany-based company Netrange. It's one of the world's largest TV Portal companies, supporting several leading TV brands and UPPLEVA Smart TV. Do UPPLEVA Smart TV apps work everywhere? UPPLEVA Smart TV apps are internet based, so they work in all countries. However, content from certain services (mainly premium video-on-demand) are geographically limited due to content rights. Will there be updates for UPPLEVA TVs? TV software will be updated when needed. Smart TV portal is updated regularly with more apps. How do I upgrade the software in my UPPLEVA TV to the latest version? You can upgrade the software and find instructions on the IKEA website. Can I connect my TV wirelessly? Yes, the UPPLEVA TV is Wi-Fi-ready. With the UPPLEVA Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately), you can wirelessly connect your TV to your computer, Smartphone or other devices in your existing wireless home network. So it's easy to share and stream content like videos and photos from your computer to play on your TV. Does UPPLEVA have bluetooth? UPPLEVA does not support Bluetooth or Airplay. You can connect using Wi-Fi (via Wi-Fi adapter) or Ethernet cable. What does "streaming" mean? This term describes a way to transfer digital content. For example, you could stream content (audio and movie) from your computer, Smartphone or iPad to watch on your TV. What does DLNA mean? Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a certification that enables the electronic devices in your home network to find and communicate with each other. For example, your computer can work with your printer without any complicated installations. With DLNA, your TV can play audio and video files stored on other DLNA-certified electronic devices. Does UPPLEVA support DLNA? Yes, Uppleva TVs 32-46” support DLNA, except for mobile devices. You can stream and control the TV from your PC but not via your Smartphone or tablet. To play files from Smartphones, use the apps in your Smartphone that enable DLNA server function. You can then see this device on your home network and access files on it. How do I get the DLNA to work? Menu – Setup – Network – Applications – See & Share – ON. You need a functioning Home Network to use DLNA. Customer questions Can I get the TV installed? Yes, IKEA offers delivery, assembly and installation services. Can I buy the TV separately? Yes, although a bracket or TV stand isn't included. So you should complete the TV with either a wall-bracket sold at IKEA or with the UPPLEVA specific articles for integration into the furniture. Will the TV fit with BESTÅ I already have at home? Earlier BESTÅ are not designed specifically for UPPLEVA. We recommend that you use UPPLEVA with the new, specially developed BESTÅ and to complete it with UPPLEVA brackets and panels. Where can I get support after office hours? After sales support follows the regular store opening hours. Is it IKEA or TCL that provides support? After sales support is handled by IKEA in each country, together with our appointed service providers. Is the UPPLEVA TV and sound system guaranteed? The 5-year guarantee includes defects in materials and workmanship for UPPLEVA TV and sound system. You'll find detailed information in the guarantee folder. What can I do if I'm not happy with the TV? UPPLEVA follows the usual IKEA exchange and return policy. For more information, please contact IKEA customer service. Should I return a defective TV or sound system to the store? No. Our after sales service will pick up the defective UPPLEVA goods from your home. У вас есть вопросы? Свяжитесь с нами

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